Display of folder contents very slow after 5.3.1 update


Infuse has been pretty solid, with little issues since I first used it. Great job. Unfortunately, the latest update to 5.3.1 (payed for) is causing a couple of issues. When I try to view the contents in one of my movie folders (or tv folders) it is taking in excess of one minute for the contents to be displayed. Normally, this process would take somewhere between 5 to 10 seconds. Now each time I jump from one folder to another (while browsing and deciding which movie/tv show I want to watch), I end up having to wait over one minute each time. There have been times when the system just hangs, and I find myself having to reboot the Apple TV 4 (with the latest firmware). Needless to say, it has become a frustrating experience.

Furthermore, while in the past, when opening Infuse, the customized artwork I had arranged for each folder would be displayed immediately. Now it is a hit or miss process. When I open Infuse, I might get my customized artwork, or I will get Infuse’s default icons.

Any suggestions as to what might be happening?

Thanks for listening and for your prompt response.

What type of device are you streaming from?

In most cases, Infuse will work to cache the artwork and metadata for the files contained in the folders, but loading this can still take a bit of time if you have a large number of items contained inside.

In general, you will see much quicker load times by browsing through the Library. This is a fully cached view, and should load categories almost instantly - no matter how many items are inside. You can even create Favorites from Library categories (genres, rating, release date, etc…) that will appear right on the home screen.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Infuse is streaming wirelessly from a QNAP TS-453Pro (with latest firmware installed) with about 640 movies. I have set up three folders, each with about the same number of files (approx 200 files per folder), sorted alphabetically by title.

Based on your comments, I would say there might be something going on with the cache. Every time I switch from one folder to another, it just takes forever to load up the artwork. It started immediately after installing 5.3.1. FWIW, when 5.3.1 was automatically installed by Apple TV 4, I could not get the app to run. I would click on the app but nothing would appear to happen, yet it would show Infuse running in the background. I had to re-start the Apple TV, before the app would run properly.

It is not happening all the time, but at times it also struggles with loading the customized artwork I have established for the folders.

You are correct in that the folder with “collections” loads up almost immediately. Going to favorites and listing all the movies also results in a long delay of the artwork/metadata.