display of embedded mkv covers changed after selecting details for alternative movie versions

All my movies are in mkv format with embedded covers (cover.jpg) (works normally good with Infuse)

Some movies are in different versions (e.g. UHD vs HD or alternative cuts) and i gave them different covers.

On first view Infuse displays the embedded covers correct (see attached ‘infuse 1.png’).
After you select one movie to see details the covers of alternative movies are changed (see attached ‘infuse 2.png’).
The filenames of the affected movies are different.

This happens to iPad, iPhone and also Apple TV.

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Are these images embedded inside your videos, or placed alongside the video?

  1. If using embedded artwork, you will want to enable the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option in Settings.
  2. If using external artwork, you will want to place an image with the same name alongside the video and give it the same name.



Option 2 is the recommended method as it will generally allow for faster indexing.

Hello james,

Yes, the covers are embedded in the mkv - no external file.
As defined in: https://matroska.org/technical/cover_art/index.html (only cover.jpg i use).
Infuse use this embedded cover.jpg normally succsseful - except for same movies in different versions (the movie versions have different filenames as said before).

Maybe you have an internal problem if movies matches the same entries in TMDB.
In this case (and if ‘Embedded Metadata’ option ist enabled) you must differ the movies by filename and/or path+filename for assignment of the correct cover.

Of course, i have enabled “Embedded Metadata”.
Otherwise it isn’t possible to post the screenshot’s with the change of cover art because the “UHD” cover is made by me :wink:

I’m using Infuse Pro some years…