Display of different versions as separate TV shows

I’ve searched the forums and haven’t been able to find a definitive answer to a question I have:

I have different versions of various TV series, for example a boxset with the standard broadcast episodes and another one with the same episodes but in their extended versions. Another example would be one version with the German, Spanish & French soundtracks, and the other with only English.

Is there a way to have these displayed separately as two different TV shows so that they are not all lumped together or there appear to be duplicates?

I am not using any kind of server, by the way, just copying the video files to my devices as much as space allows.

I’d be really grateful for any info you might be able to give. Thanks a lot!

Short answer: Nope.

TMDB doesn’t support multiple versions.

Both versions will be identified as one, but the episodes of each will be visible under that series entry.

If you’ve differentiated the show versions by appending something after the episode number —

Show Title S01E05 Broadcast
Show Title S01E05 Extended

Infuse shows the file names when you hover over any given episode so you can choose that way.

Or, you can create local .nfo files to retitle the episodes similarly in Infuse itself.

As for the multiple audio tracks, I’d suggest using MKVToolNix to pull out the English audio track, and then remux the episodes with German, Spanish and French with the added English track. Then you can delete the English-only versions and save yourself both hard disk space, and needing to differentiate between the two tracks to begin with.

Thanks very much for this!! It’s a shame that my initial idea is not currently possible but at least I now have a workaround.

After reading your reply I also searched the forum again, as I had hoped that as an alternative, it would be possible to ‘create’ a TV Show using locally input metadata. According to this though, it’s only a planned feature for now:

Regarding the different languages, I had looked at remuxing to combine the various audio tracks. I worry about the time it would take to do this for 250 episodes, especially since one version is on Blu-ray and the other on DVD… Because of the frame rate difference, I imagine there would be sync issues which I’d have to fix in Audacity… Unless there maybe is a way to automate this process?

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There are ways to automate everything, but yeah, that could be a lot of work. Remuxing to add audio doesn’t take any longer than a file copy (because it’s not re-encoding the video or audio, just putting them together in the same container) … but if the sources have different runtimes than you have to get into adjusting the audio offsets and that can quickly become more effort than it might be worth unless you figure out a constant offset would work with all the videos you need to process.

Regarding local info files; Infuse does have limited support for them now. You don’t get the full suite of tags, but you can override TMDB data for some of them, as well as use your own local artwork. You should be able to override displayed Movie and Series titles and TV episode titles, movie release year, plot, and genre (movies only), maybe some others. And they recently added support for actor tags for some reason. Firecore has a sample .nfo file on their website (Metadata 101 page, I think) that shows which tags will be recognized (for movie titles, at least; support is a bit less generous for TV).

But I think to actually show up in the library your files must first be associated with something at TMDB? If I’m mistaken on that, someone else might chime in. Not able to do research at the moment.

I imagine the offset would be constant… I think it’s 25 fps on the PAL DVDs and 23.976 fps on the Blu-rays… but still, 250 episodes… :woozy_face: It would be an interesting project though!! :smile:

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Yes, thank you, I had a look there and quite a few things are possible:

I’m using Infuse on iPhone only currently, as my Mac runs on Catalina which is not supported. The iOS version doesn’t seem to have the ‘Use embedded metadata’ option though. Should receive a new Mac in about two weeks which will make things a lot easier!

I did look into using playlists to separate the different boxsets as well. It’s not too bad a solution but it would be a lot better if you could create nestled folders inside them to separate the seasons. I’ve not ever seen anything like that in any other app either though as I guess that’s not really the concept of a playlist…

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Keep in mind sometimes Blu-rays will have upgraded titles/logos etc. and the main features might not start at exactly the same time, which will also put the audio off.

Urgh, you’re right, I hadn’t even thought of that… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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