Display number of TV Shows

Is Infuse able to tell me how many tv shows I have rather than just the number of episodes? Or am I just not seeing it somewhere?


Not at this time but I’m moving this to suggestions so others can vote for this as a feature.

It’d be nice to know this info. :+1:


I find it weird that the aTV version will tell you the number of TV Shows you have watched, but not the number you have in your library. It would make sense to make this information available. You have my vote @Bazzabent41320.

Where do you see the number of TV shows watched? I know you can see the total number of TV episodes but not the show in general.

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Those stats are actually from Trakt. :slight_smile:

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Darn, @movie_lover was gaslighting me! LOL I don’t use Trakt and could not figure out what setting I had missed.

Thanks James!


I still think it would be a good idea, especially for the unenlightened users like @NC_Bullseye who dont use Trakt :wink: