Display multiple versions of a film in the overview only once?


I’m using a Plex Server and some movies are 1080p and 4k. Now I have the problem that Infuse shows the same movie two times and in both I can select which version I want to start. Is it possible that the movie is only shown once and then I just select which version I want to play? Or is it just a setting i can do?

My structure:
Plex Server:
Media Library: Movies
two folders are linked to this library ( /movies/ and /movies4k/)

(in the Plex Client it’s working the way I want. Just show one Movie and then I can select which version).

Thank you!

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Currently there is no way to display a single movie with version options but there is a thread in the Suggestions forum you can add your support to here Multiple versions of a movie

Thank you!

I think I explained wrong what I want to achieve. At the moment I can see the two different versions of the movie when I want to start the movie (that’s fine for me) and it’s indicated with a “2” on the left corner. But I also see the movie two times in the library as the folder is assigned to 2 different Plex libraries.

Basically I want to exclude some library’s from the deck view.

On my server i have the following structure:

In Plex:
Movie Library assigned to /movies/ and /movies4k/
Movie4k Library assigned to /movies4k/
Anime Library assigned to /anime/

So I want that the Movie4k library is excluded from the deck view. It would be enough to open it with a favorite shortcut. In the Plex server settings I already activated the option to exclude the movies4k library from the deck view (and this is working with the Plex Client, but not with Infuse which still shows).

Is there a way to exclude specific libraries from the “Deck” (Startpage) view?

Thank you!

Yes, you can uncheck Plex libraries which will exclude them from Infuse’s library via Infuse > Settings > Library.

The “normal” folder structure in Plex would be to have both versions of movie in the same folder, not grouping the movies by resolution.
This set up would avoid the movies duplication you see in Infuse and make file management easier.

Your setup is useful only if you need to manage multiple users and you want to restrict access to some of the libraries (eg if your server can’t handle 4K transcoding, you don’t give access to the 4K folder to users that can’t direct play 4K files).
If you are in this situation then your folder structure is fine, otherwise you may consider to change it