Display more items on Home Screen when using a single category

Hello Infuse fans.

I have a topic I’d like to bring up regarding the Home Screen. Currently the way the Home Screen is set up allows you to choose whether you want to see “all tv shows”, “all movies”, “collections”, etc. and it starts stacking those categories one by one down in vertical lines (see pictures for reference).

Even if you choose only one category, it just stays at the top with a lot of space at the bottom. (Also see pictures for reference.)

I would like to suggest, that if you pick only one category for your Home Screen, it populates like a library. For example, if you select “all movies” only, it populates all your movies into a beautiful and simple library that you can scroll down and see every time you open infuse; after all, that is what infuse is all about.

So just to clarify, if you pick only one category in the Home Screen, that category will fill up all the empty space similarly as if you clicked into a folder. (See pictures for reference.)