Display metadata & artwork in original language

Metadata is fine if all or most of your movies come from the same country/language group. But my library is mixed with movies from the US, but also France, Germany, Spain etc. and I watch those movies in their original language.
Since most of my movies are from the US, the I have chosen English as the default language for the Metadata. Which is fine except for all the “foreign” movies. They have now also English titles, posters and descriptions.
I am aware that I can change the langue to Spain and then update the Metadata for all the Spain movies manually. And then change the language to German and manually change the Metadata for all the German movies. And then change the language to Italian and… you get the point. You also get the point: this gets old.
There should be a an easier way. There should be a Metadata langue option that gets the Metadata in the movies’ original language.
I get it: it’s probably not a killer feature and not every Infuse user needs it. On the other hand I guess lots of your user are movie buffs with a wide interest in movies - even foreign ones.


Yes, I totally support it: to separate UI from metadata language and to be able to choose one or more languages for metadata downloads. For instance, if I define 1) English, 2) French and 3) German, movies (tv shows) shot in French and German see their metadata downloaded in these languages. For other languages, metadata is downloaded in English.
Not very mainstream I guess, but I think more and more people (especially your targeted customers) speak more than one language.


I totally support this. My files are named with the original titles. For instance: “What happened to Monday (2017)”. But when Infuse parsed the file, since I’m in France, my Apple TV displays the title “Seven sisters” (this is the title for this movie in France, yes, they changed titles) and the artwork is also “Seven sisters”. Which is pretty confusing as I was looking for “What happened to Monday”. It would be nice if Infuse could pick the title and artwork according to the origin of the movie and not the language I set in the Apple TV…


I really want this feature. Right now I am force to use English for all my foreign shows, which makes navigation difficult.

Or at least, allow us to have multiple “Library” and allow us to use separate metadata language for each library

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I would really appreciate this as well. I have all the Pixar and Disney movies in both English and Swedish, I want to see them in English, the kids prefer Swedish, as it is now we have to start watching to see which is which.


Yes I’m also asking for this, I mean metadata available for most of the languages,

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Me too!

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This feature would be fantastic. it’s one of the few bad points in Infuse.
DS-Video doing there a better job (but doesn’t play all video,formats as Infuse does…)

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Would be really great!

Excellent idea.

Yes, i would like some feature like that too. Maybe something that follow the original language of the title. If the film is Italian i see the title in Italian, if it is from US I see the title in English. I should always look dire and see the original title. And possibly, set preferences (like subs etc.) for each language.

I’ve be using Infuse for a few years and I’m quite happy with the product apart from the metadata fetching when dealing with multiples languages. Most of the movies and tv shows I have are in english but I also have a lot of content in french. I prefer the metadata (title , description) to be in the original language of the content.

Now every time I add content, I have to make sure that the metadata language setting in Infuse is configured properly before copying my movie to the proper shared folder. I find this quite cumbersome.

Is there a way to have the metadata language setting by favorite and not as a global setting? Currently I’m getting around this issue by using a plex server which let’s you set a different language on each of the folders you add to your library.

However, I would really like to get rid of my plex server and only use Infuse. Any thoughts or suggestions ?


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I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum asking for this idea.

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Why not use nfo files. I am using them (on non english movies) to get the title in the original language and point to the correct entry in TMDB.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried playing with nfo files but I could never get it to work. Something must be wrong with my syntax. Do you have an example of a file that works for you?

I am on vacation and have no access to my NAS, but I will add one here once I am back.

I’m using Infuse since more than 2 years now, on Kodi I had the option to have my metadata in one language and also to keep the original title. It would be awesome to have the choice to keep original title. French title for a French movie and English title for a US movie while keeping the metadata in French (for exemple).

Next step would be to have the ability to choose which poster do you want, the US one or the French one to keep consistency.

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Is it possible for Infuse to present metadata for English movies in English, French in French, Russian in Russian and Chinese in Chinese? Or at least select a few languages that you wish to keep things native and original?

When you translate, the movies become less recognizable.

Can movie titles and posters be in the original language and other metadata information in our language?

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Would like the poster and artwork to be in the original language, but the metadata to continue in my own language

Because posters in the original language are usually of the highest quality, posters in Chinese usually come from amateur production, or even some special version that is of lower quality