Display issue

Hi all,

I have a display issue since today with HDR movie as you can see in the attached files.

I did not change my configuration

With 1080p no problem…

Have you an idea please ?

Thanks !

This is a known issue with tvOS beta 11.3 and is being addressed. One of the perks of running bleeding edge software. :wink:

There are several threads discussing HDR issues currently running.

Here’s one

And another

Hopefully it’s fixed soon, but this is a known issue. A lot of us bought 4k ATV and Infuse JUST TO BE ABLE to play HDR, and now we can’t.

Most apps/software would release a fix for something like this ASAP, but it’s been about a week now, so I have to believe this is a problem with Apple and their process for allowing updates or something.

No that’s not it. There are issues with tvOS and required that infuse completely redo the HDR pipeline. Existing bugs in tvOS 11.3 also make it hard to finalize, but active development is happening.

Long story short (a lesson I’ve learned) don’t accept beta updates unless you’re willing to go for a while without watching particular things.

Anyone know if Infuse offers their own beta program that may have fixed this issue yet? Major PITA now that I can’t watch any of my HDR content for now!

Thanks for that. Got signed up and accepted but the link they sent me in the confirmation email is invalid. LOL. It’s supposed to tell me how to install the beta.