Display episodes instead of seasons on Home Screen


I am a premium user and I would like that on the main screen I could see “chapters of recently added series”.

I know that I can edit the information on the main screen. In fact, for example, I have a position to watch on the main screen “Series recently added” But you can see the name of the series and if I enter I have to look for the episode between the entire season.

I would like to see “chapters of recently added series” and then, show me on the main screen THE CHAPTERS (NOT SEASONS) of the series.

I don’t know if I can explain myself.

Does that exist?


You can add episodes to a playlist and then pin the playlist to the Home Screen in order to see individual episodes, but doing this for categories like Recently Added TV Shows is not possible at this time.

Moving to suggestions.

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I understand you, what happens is that for movies that feature does exist. In other words, we can see the latest added movies.

Seeing in a row “the last chapters of series added” would be perfect.

Thank you @James