Display Emby collections inline with other items

I looked through upcoming features and didn’t see it on the timeline.


Emby collections are currently supported. These will be listed in a ‘Collections’ section which will appear alongside your other Emby libraries.

There was an issue with some previous versions of Emby which caused these to be missing, so if the Collections item is not appearing for you I would check to ensure you have the latest version of Emby server installed.

Thanks James, I need to be more clear.
That’s the way I’ve been using collections for a long time. I separate the collection movies into their own folder, Emby creates the collections, and they show fine in Infuse.

What I’m looking for is a way to keep the collections movies in the same folder as the other movies and have collections populate that way. I understand I can keep the collection movies in the regular movies folder right now and it will still create a collection library for me, but then the individual collection movies still show when I’m browsing regular movies (and they aren’t grouped together).

This is the way the Back to the Future Collection shows



I see. It looks this is a client-specific setting in Emby (whereas with Jellyfin has a global server setting). This will require special handling in Infuse.

Moving to suggestions for now.

Thanks James

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I have this same problem. Is there any way to work around this and force Emby to think the Infuse-Direct client has the “Group items into collections” setting enabled? In other words, where are these client settings stored, perhaps inside displaypreferences.db on the server?