Display bit rate

Do it, put the 2 features on same thread.

I don’t understand why this features are not enable now…because if others app can do it why not this one.


+1 for this feature request. When you have 2 copies of the same video, it lets you select which one to play and there you see the bitrate info. However, this info is not there on a single video. Showing file size would also help if bitrate is not possible.

I’m all for this feature but have a question. Couldn’t you tell the difference between the files based on the video and audio specs? Or would you have two 1080p videos with DD 5.1 surround, for instance?

Not sure if all high quality videos only includes DD 5.1. Audio can be kept the same or downgraded and vice versa to make media compatible on multiple platforms.

Yes that’s what I mean. Wouldn’t you know because the audio is converted to a different format? DTSX/Dolby Atmos>DTS MA/Dolby True HD> DTS/DD 5.1 > Stereo.

You wouldn’t put the best sounding audio on a poor video encoding would you?

No news from this feauture?


Wow, it’s almost a year since this feature request was made. I don’t know what is so hard about putting bitrate field just like the codec or audio details they currently have. Showing the file size might help to expect the bitrate so not sure why they are holding back on this.

It’s not a matter of being hard, but there are a lot of requests to get through (2-3 years old) and based on history Infuse attempts to focus on perfecting playback before adding a ton of new features, even little ones.

This feature request is little, but so easy to implement. They already show bitrate info when there are two copies of the same videos available. So feature already exist, but not shown for a single file. I just don’t get how it’s just ignored for almost a year. Someone should at least confirm or give eta since this is nothing so complicated to figure out.

Yes, i dont understand to…

There is plenty of screen estate for video and audio bitrates to be added.

There are those of us who would like to know and care whether DD 5.1 is 384kb or 640, etc.


Still waiting for that!


Can add video playing info like bitrates and resolution at least?


Moved this to the currently running thread. Please don’t duplicate suggestions, that will only dilute the votes for the fist post. :wink:

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Off course. Sorry for that.

it shouldnt be too hard

+1. Would love to see this information in the library view.

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Check Codec Info in MrMC for a nice example!

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