Display actor artwork/links on video details page

Infuse pro for aptv 4 Is beautiful but one thing is missing according to me : the possibility to have fanart for actor, performer casting like plex or Emby in the scrolling of the description for movie or tv

Someone knows a solution???


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I’m not sure I understand what you are looking for here, but if you are able to provide a screenshot of what you are describing from Plex or Emby it may help.

Hi James,
I think what he meant was showing the individual photos of the “cast” of the movie under the movie synopsis where you can click on the photo to see other movies in your library with that particular actor or actress.

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Yes , I want to have under the movie synopsis the photo of actor , other movies in m’y library The scrolling is vertical in plex or emby.

I think is not possible in infuse. ??? Solution in the future ???

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that is also one of my biggest wishes

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m going to move this over to the Suggestions area for now.

This thread also has a related suggestion.