“Disk space is running low” but it’s not

Infuse on my iPad is telling me “Disk space is running low” when trying to download a 2gb video and I have almost 10Gb of space left. Tried it with other files too and it still doesn’t work. Infuse even see that I have 10Gb space left in the bottom left corner of the app in the add files section. Any ideas why it’s getting confused? Thanks

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your device and post the code here?

Will do. It’s strange, in app it was showing as approx 10Gb free but in iOS settings it was saying Infuse was taking up 6gb of space even after making sure deleting all files in app. So it was failing saying space was running out. I deleted the app and reinstalled and now it takes up 150mb. Plenty of space to download the file. I’ve noticed this issues for years on iOS devices. No good way to clear cache on most apps.