Discovered v7 change

I watch my content on my atv4k , but I use my iPad to search infuse for something to watch next. I opened infuse on the iPad, went to a favourites to find a movie. Choose a movie, and the screen changed to a nice picture with the movie info. But to my surprise there was a row of other movies from the folder. I could scroll forward and backwards to see all movies in this favourites.
I must say I loved this feature. Must say, way to go.
I didn’t know infuse did this, can’t wait till you guys get around to doing this on the atv4k.

Its already there. In aTV pre playbackscreen just swipe down on the remote😀

Thanks, but I was aware of that. The atv4k is very simple, the iPad shows what they can do. I just meant that I was impressed with the iPad version. Maybe someday the atv4k might impress me too.
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching atv4k on a 65” tv with surround sound. I was just comparing the difference of fancy for getting around within the apps them self.