Discard fetch metadata for particular foldes

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I’m on a trial period of Infuse 5 pro with my brand-new ATV 4K/64, still need time to be confident in UI and features, though I like what I have now. Very good product!

The same time I wonder if there’s a possibility to ignore Fetch Metadata option for particular folders, like the .nomedia file in folder prevents scanning that folder for media (don’t remember where I found this feature.) The reason is I have movies and TV shows with accurately filled metadata. It’s nice to have beautiful covers and descriptions. But also I have my custom videos filmed with ILC cam or a smartphone, or just videos occasionally saved from Inet with no metadata and random filenames. A result of metadata fetching all the times is unpredictable.

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Yes, you can long press on the folders you want to exclude from metadata fetching and select “Use Local Metadata”

Note, that will not fetch metadata for the files at the first level in the folder you set to local but if you have sub folders with more files in them you have to select local for those too. It only affects files one level down.

For example you could long press on nomedia folders and select Use Local Metadata and it should work for what you want.

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Thank you, pretty handy on ATV side! It worked. But as I noticed it works for subfolders of a marked folder as well. First, I’m not able to do a long click on subfolders, just enter them. Second, I see Local metadata notice in those subfolders. I can’t say if it is wrong because I glad to have even this feature. Though, IMO, it would be useful as well to put a special empty hidden dot-file (for ex. .local_metadata) in the desired folder to use only metadata in it. The reason is that you may do from the server side while manage your media library with a keyboard and a trackpad (I use Mac mini as a media library via NFS.)

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