Disappointed In Upgrade Options with Version 7

Very disappointed with the new subscription structure. I don’t think it was fair to assume that people who had supported the standalone versions are now forced into a subscription model. The reward for people that paid larger amounts of money for past standalones, is a single free year worth $10. After that, I’m locked into an ongoing subscription or pay for an expensive lifetime license after I had spent quite a bit already on standalone copies.

The reason of discontinuing the standalone as “too confusing” doesn’t make sense as it is obvious in the community that has posted here, that it wasn’t an issue for the majority.

One of the many reasons we loved the app was CHOICE in how we paid for it. With the constant push to a subscription model from every developer, I was hoping that Firecore would stand out with more flexible options as they had in the past.

I had sent a message to @James requesting that at least he consider an option to discount the lifetime license (as this is the closest to owning a standalone copy) for anyone that has purchased a previous standalone version. In the past there was always a discount provided when upgrading the standalone version to the next major build. As this is no longer an option, at least discounting the lifetime license instead of the free year would have been a way for the developers to show their appreciation to the fanbase that has supported the application over the years. Heck even give us the option to take $10 off the lifetime instead of the free year as a one time option.

What is even stranger, is that if you list the In-App Purchase under the information section of the app, you will see an option called "Infuse Pro - Lifetime (promo) but it is the exact same as the regular price of the lifetime option. So there could have been potential here. A discount could easily be applied if a previous version was found

So I’m hoping that @James will consider this and come up with something. I’m a huge fan of the app as are many, and would appreciate any thoughts or feedback.


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