Disappointed by .ISO claim

I bought this product based on the claim that .iso was a feature support for video playback.  I failed to ask if that also included Blu Ray .ISO ripped by Slysoft’s AnyDVD HD.  I put these files out on my buffalo NAS and the playback was not supported.  The DVD .ISO was also spotty.  While watching CARS 2, there was several spots where the audio and video came out of sync, which forced us to rewind a few seconds to re-buffer the movie.

I bought this software based on the ability to play back .ISO for Blu Ray hoping to find a solution to store my movies on my NAS, but it looks like I paid for a service not included.  Fix that and this will be the best software on the market!

I find DVD .iso files work well. However, I would not expect Blu-Ray .iso files to work at all well because the ATV2 hardware is not up to handling the bit rate in most cases.