Disappearing episodes

There is something unpleasantly funky going on in the latest version of Infuse.

I have not been able to pin down the exact way to reproduce, but the jist is that when opening Infuse on iPad with no connection to the Internet, the previously there episodes in the Files view disappear. Some stay, but some vanish.

What’s compounding the peculiarity is the Library view does show the covers, but drilling into the “vanishing” episodes shows empty folder under “All”.

What’s going on? When I reconnect to Internet and pull-down to refresh, the “missing” episodes make a miraculous reappearance.

I just noticed this today.

What’s the word James?

Hmm, not seeing this here.

I assume these are files you have locally in Infuse? How were they added to Infuse?

May be best to submit a report and open a support ticket on this one.

Yes: locally on iPad and added via iTunes over the USB cable.

Tickets 106562 and 106563 raised because the issue happened again. One of those should actually have logs, but together you should be able to figure it out. Please advise.

We’ll see what we can find. Thanks!

Any news?

Actually yes.

We’ve tracked down and resolved what’s going on here, and the fix should be available soon in the 5.8.2 update.

Thanks again for the report!

Happy to help! Any chance you can share the gory details of what caused the bug? Just curious…

Nothing very spectacular…just needed a small fix. :wink:

Would the fix also take care of a bug I am seeing whereby I can see episodes in iTunes but not in the app?

Do you have the ‘Show iTunes Videos’ option enabled in Settings > General?

Were these purchased from iTunes by chance?

I do not and they were not. Just copied using iTunes over the USB cable to iPad like other videos that are displaying fine.

Ok, there’s a good chance this should be resolved in 5.8.2 as well.

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