Disable subtitles from being enabled by default

I’m on Infuse 6 and somehow subtitles are always enabled by default. I need to disable them after starting playback of every video.

In the settings I can only find options to change the default subtitle language (where I can choose either Auto or a language), but there’s no “none” or “off” option.

Am I missing something? How can I prevent subtitles from always being shown by default?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum!

Settings > Playback > Subtitles > Set to “Forced Only” or “Off”

I recommend “Forced Only” since that’s usually for when a language other than the primary is being used in a video.

Oh wow, it was right there in front of me the entire time and I didn’t see the option. Thanks a lot!

Happy to help! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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