Disable "smart" categorization?


I am running into the following issue:
I have 3 folders on my SMB drive: 1. Movies, 2.Cartoons and 3.TV Shows. Each of these is marked as favorite and show up on the main screen as expected. The problem is if I go into Movies and Select: All movies it will list stuff from the other directories as well (ex: Cars1,2,3 etc). How can I disable this behavior? I purchased Infuse 5 but I find myself using Infuse 4 most of the time because of this…


I’m assuming you’re talking about when you go into the “Library” favorite and under “Movies” you’re selecting “All Movies” and getting things from other folders that aren’t listed as favorites.

If you go to Settings > Library > you’ll see a list of shares and favorites some (or all) will have a check mark to the right of the name. Just uncheck the ones you do not want listed in the Library categories. So in order to only see the ones in the 3 folders you have as favorites, just make sure that those are the only three in the Library settings that have check marks next to them. Anything that is checked gets included in the library and unchecked items are not included.

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yes that worked. Thanks

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