Disable new homepage GUI info?

Is there away to disable some of the new homepage GUI info? I have figured out how to remove some of the new plex like icons but not others toward the bottom.

I like the older cleaner look. There now seems to be a lot of duplicate info now like “recent”. I now have it on top as well as the bottom.

Yes, more info on adding/removing Favorites and Lists can be found here.

Thanks. That was tricky to find?

That’s helped remove some of the junk from the homepage - but can’t find any way to remove the ‘Top Rated Movies’ list… any way to get rid of it?

I couldn’t find it also. It’s in the same area as the others. You have to dig deeper into the sub menus. It’s not very intuitive. It doesn’t look like there are sub menus but there are.

Library > Movies > By Rating > Top 30

Long press on “Top 30”

I love Infuse because it’s not cluttered and buried into sub menu’s like Kodi.

Removing the extra icon’s was simple enough, but it would be great if there was a single toggle for enabling and disabling lists.

Keeping an uncluttered home screen is critical for my small children and for my parents. I prefer a home screen with just the share folders I assign. The recently viewed movies on top is fine, that didn’t confuse anyone, but the lists and extra icon’s threw people off.

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