Disable metadata fetching features

hello! not sure if this is the right place to sak this. it looks like infuse on my ipad got upgraded to 7.7…I’m using infuse with jellyfin, and my option is set to library mode, but it seems like I can no longer get the list view? I thought that the limitations were only in the new view.

in particular, infuse does a lot of…“intelligent” metadata stuff that I would love to be able to turn off[1]. I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m wondering if it is at least possible to recover the views that existed until now. the current interface is quite difficult to use, nothing is in the right order, there is no way to easily select multiple entries, etc etc. I confirmed that the setting for my jellyfin server has library mode on…I also tried direct mode but it looked the exact same? which seems odd

[1] I’ve run into many cases where infuse trying to be “helpful” in fact makes it super hard to use/navigate, eg if you have the wrong names in a couple directories, every directory renders with the same name, or file names getting renamed when downloading etc…

there are settings to disable the metadata fetching

ah, cool, thank you. I will take a closer look and see if that works!

FWIW, just checked, metadata fetching was not the issue. the core issue is 1. no list view 2. the inability to select multiple files (all of which existed for me before 7.7)

but there are some bugs related to infuse trying to be smart in how it displays names, for example, I had a directory…
Thing4 Season 1/
Thing4 Season 2/

which then resulted in the display of the above looking like

lol…regardless, I’ll be happy at least if I can get the list view, multi select, and file sorting back…