Disable grouping for movies only

I have seen the setting to “group” content. It works for both tv-series and movies. When it comes to tv-series I can understand it. But when it comes to movies, I would not want it to group.

Is it possible to add a feature to not group movies and only do it for tv-series? I would like to have the option to turn it on/of for content types.

In the add-on in Kodi for example, you can exclude folders from syncing to Trakt.

Are you talking about Collections in Movies?

Yes. I see it’s coming for Plex content. But I want to disable it for movies.

For example. Home Alone is grouped because of version 1, 2 and 3. I want them as separate items.

Have you turned off Collections in the Infuse settings?

Ah yes. :slight_smile: I see it now.

I thought the option was not working as I expected. That is because some tv series are suddenly no longer grouped anymore. This is because some file names are different.

So, when I turned it on, it worked for tv series, but then my movies are grouped as well. I have turned it off now. Guess I have to look at the files names of my tv series then. Apparently tv series files are grouped by file name and not by folder structure. :thinking:

Somewhat correct, it does use the name to group but making sure you have the correct folder structure like “TV Show Name > Season 01 > TV Show Name S01Eo1.mkv”. This makes Infuse gather all info including artwork and metadata most reliably.

So your movies are displaying like you want now?

I have that kind of folder structure in place. For example:

  • All or nothing
    • Season 1
      • All.or.Nothing.S02E03
      • All.or.Nothing.S02E04
      • All.or.Nothing.Arizona.Cardinals.S02E05

This results in the 02.05 file to be displayed in a different group. That’s confusing. I would expect Infuse not look at the file name, but use the meta data stored in the folders. With grouping on, it works fine. But then my movies are grouped, which I don’t want.

Turning grouping off works correctly for my movies. Thanks.

There’s the problem, you are including the episode title as part of the show name and that’s why it gets split. You can place anything you want after the S02E05 you like (like episode title) because Infuse will ignore things after the season/episode segment.

That is what Sonarr found. It uses original filenames, because it matches better with subtitles. But in my opinion it should not make a difference, as it is stored in the series folder “All or nothing”, the season folder is called “Season 1” (should have been 2) and the file name contains “S02” and “E05”.

This is how Kodi also indexes it. I guess Infuse does it really different. :slight_smile: )

That is why I would like to enable/disable grouping by library or content type. :slight_smile: