Disable Frame Interpolation or any Post Treatments

So I’m trying Infuse on my brand new Apple TV but I can’t find any setting to disable the frame interpolations. I couldn’t find anything on this topic.

I’m willing to pay the 99€ for life for the app since I like everything about it, except for this major issue. I can’t stand frame interpolation and I want to enjoy my content exactly like it is. If it’s not possible to disable this or any post treatment that may occur, the app will go to the Trash Can.

Thanks for the help.

As long as you have turned on match frame rate and range in the ATV settings you should be good to go.

Well, I checked that and it’s turn on the Apple TV settings. I still have smooth movements…

Can you describe what you are hoping to see?

With the Apple TV’s match frame rate option enabled, the video output will be adjusted to match the video being played. This is not changing the video or adding post-processing, but the motion will appear smooth as the TV’s refresh rate will match the actual video.

If you disable match frame rate you would likely see some jerkiness as the TV’s refresh rate would remain fixed (likely to 60 or 50Hz).

I’m a bit worry that you don’t know what I mean…

On 24 fps movies, I don’t want to see smooth movements like if it was shot on video. When it’s properly played back, we experience the dominant motion blur induced by the 24 fps.

The smooth movement/frame interpolations is on default on modern TV. I turned this off on my LG TV and its player plays back properly the movies with their media player.

But, interesting information, Infuse on Mac plays back properly the same movies I tried on the Apple TV. Compare the same 24fps movie files with Infuse on Apple TV and with Infuse on the Mac, or even with VLC or IINA if you wanna see what I mean. It will be more apparent with a scene with a car moving along the screen.

I don’t think my TV does anything since it’s just used as a screen taking the HDMI signal.

EDIT: Maybe it’s the Apple TV that doesn’t truly match the frame rate…

This is probably related to the motion settings on your TV.

IIRC, LG TVs will allow you to adjust picture settings based on the HDMI input and content type. So you can have different options set for HDMI 1 (SDR), HDMI 1 (HDR), HDMI 2 (SDR), etc…

What I would recommend is to start playing the video on Apple TV (with the match content options enabled) and then go in and view/adjust the video settings on the TV while the video is playing.

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Damn it you’re right… this stupid TV changed the settings when I was on Apple TV and turned back on the smooth play back. And only when on the Apple TV… it’s off when it’s the TV itself…

I doubled check that but I in the TV and not the Apple TV.

Thanks for the help.

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