Disable Download of All Library Cover Art

Version: tvOS,iOS v6.3.2

Is there a way to stop Infuse downloading all cover art for the entire library?

Ideally I would want it to download only when visible (e.g. when it appears in a list on the home screen, when you open a movie/show or as you scroll through your library). These could then be cached up to a reasonable limit and if this is exceeded they will be purged and need to be loaded again.

I have a large library and the initially sync is taking some time and taking up a large amount of space. If the metadata only included the data but not images this would be a significant time and storage saving.

I’m relatively new to the app so may be missing something so interested to hear any suggestions or thoughts.

Unfortunately no. You could just browse by files and not use the library, but I don’t think that will be what you want. The imaging is fairly compressed so unless you have 10k+ items I don’t imagine it should take too much space. There is time to find and decode the movie and to also read the movie specs too. Images only is part of that. It’s hard enough to say “as you scroll through the library”. Most apis have limits on how often you can fetch data from a server and it could take a while to download on the fly so that it would be a bad experience.