Disable Auto-Refresh for specific locations

I’m currently switching from Kodi to Infuse as my primary video player. But there’s one option I am missing from Kodi.

I don’t own a NAS so my movies/series are stored on different external hard drives while only one is connected to my HTPC at the same time.
So every time I switch from HDD 1 to HDD 2 (for example) the whole content for HDD 1 is being removed while the new content for HDD 2 will be scraped.

Next time I plug HDD 1 back in the same happens and HDD 1 will be scraped again though it has been done several times already in the past.
And all files that has been scraped wrong in the past I need to fix once again. Also the scraper from Kodi seems to work better than in Infuse.

There are several ways to fix this.

  1. Disable auto-refresh for several folders
  2. Keep entries for specific folders even it’s not mounted. So you can just remove the files manually
  3. Buy a NAS - okay, that would be the most expensive fix :slight_smile: