Disable audio over hdmi

Does aTV Flash give you the ability to turn off sending audio via HDMI? I really need to be able to send video and only video over HDMI and audio over optical. My current setup requires that I have the optical and hdmi cables in use at the same time. The HDMI is routed through the TV and then out to my external speaker. The optical plugs directly in to my extethernal speaker. I'm using the optical cable so I can stream audio without having to turn on the TV. That works great. However, when the TV is on and I'm watching video, I'm getting sound from both cables at the same time. Due to the way my TV processes the video signal there is a slight delay and I end up with the HDMI Audio being out of sync with the Optical Audio. If I could just disable the HDMI audio, it would make my life so much easier.

Unfortunately not. aTV Flash (black) won't change any of the normal HDMI characteristics.

However, most newer TVs have the option to disable the internal speakers. This may be your best option if you're running all your audio through your stereo.

It’s some days ago, but I have the same issue.

But my Setup is a little Different:

I have a TV set with internal speakers but I cannot switch off them without having a mute icon on my screen, that jumps across the video image.

And I send the Audio from my ATV through optical.

I also have a audio delay.

Is there any possibility to:

  • Disable HDMI audio

  • Disable Optical when HDMI is active?

  • To delay audio for syncronisation?