Directory for AppleTC2,1_4.21_8c...restore.ipsw

What directory is the file held in. I have borrowed a laptop and wanted to try jailbreaking again, the restore.ipsw file is taking all day to download. I can get my created file from my stationary Mac, but i dont know where to put it for Season pass to find and continue.



I'd also like to know where seasonpass is storing it's created file, I searched the filesystem for both but couldn't find anything (quite possible they are deleted after used).

The custom IPSWs are stored in your 'home' folder.

/Users/<your username>

If you want to have Seas0nPass use an IPSW you downloaded manually simply 'Option + click' the Create IPSW button and locate the stock IPSW you wish to use.

Hmm. Let me ask you this. I already had a copy of the ipsw I downloaded from apple in that location. Would seasonpass overwrite it? I'm thinking it didn't and I just kept reflashing the stock firmware.

Would have been helpful for that to have been on the program rather than me having to search the web for 6 hours.

Awesome software though :slight_smile: keep up the good work!


Actually on my MBP SP has been creating the .ipsw file in /Documents/Tethered (it also creates the Tethered folder) and not in my home folder.  But unfortunately it is only putting the un-jailbroken .ipsw from Apple there rather than creating a new jailbroken file.

Seas0nPass will download the standard AppleTV firmware to the Tether folder, and will use this firmware to create the custom firmware.

If you’re not seeing a new IPSW file in your home folder there may be a problem during the jailbreak. If you can send in your log file as described in the link below, we can help troubleshoot.

Log file coming right up:


[log removed]

Thanks. At first glance, your log seems entirely normal.

At this point your best option will be to open a support ticket and submit your log there so we can troubleshoot further.