Directories problems


is any chance to solve problem with directories, where is only one, or few files? When I have only one, or few videos in directory, Infuse simply ignore that directory and show file directly. If I have directory structure _personal\holiday 2015\ , _personal\holiday 2016\ , Infuse ignoring whole directories so I see directly videos in _personal. Because videos are named like, or, I dont know, what is on videos, I see hundreds videos in one directory.

Same problem is, when I have in TV series directory subdirectories with TV series, that have few files for each TV series.



fc_nas.png - What is on HDD.
img_8711.jpg and img_8712.jpg - What I see in Infuse 5, local metadata off and on.


Infuse will flatten single video folders.

If you have a lot of these, it might make sense to use the Library option as this may provide you with a more consistent browsing experience.

Its not only where single video is in directory, same problem is, when I have 4 episodes in TV series directory. Library is not comfort for me, simplest way I see in marking directory as “use list view”. But in TV shows with 4 episodes is current status bug.


next informations. When In directory I have files TheBlacklistRedemption.S01e01.avi - TheBlacklistRedemption.S01e08.avi (8 files), it not work correctly. But, when latest file is renamed to TheBlacklistRedemption.S02e08.avi, it work correctly, because Infuse identify, that I have more, than 1 season in directory (but not know, which TV series it is - not found metadata). When I change metadata to identify TV series, Infuse grouping it to season, but still not in directory my directory, still it is in root as seasons.

And still nothing new.

And still same problem. Sorry, but I don’t know, where that stupidity was born :frowning: Ant Firecore support is miserable.