Director etc… missing from list view on Apple TV 7.1.3

I use list view and create .xml files for videos I download from YouTube with youtube-dl

I’ve been using the <directors> tag to store the YouTube channel name, but in 7.1.3 on the Apple TV, it is no longer displayed.

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Is this a bug, or are directors / producers / actors no longer displayed in list view?

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I’m seeing the directors and producers and actors on list view in 7.1.3

You may want to review the users guide and see if any changes have been made to the format you’re using.

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Right, thanks. I replaced the XML file for one of my videos with the Inception example:

and it shows the title, the first two genres, rating, userStarRating, year, and description underneath, but no cast, producers or director.

This I believe qualifies as a “bug”! LOL I tried Modern, Classic, List View, and normal and none show the xml file people. Genre, description, year, etc all work but no people.

Maybe this is the beginning of the machines eliminating the human race. LOL

@james any insight?

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Sounds like even though you can add a tag for cast and crew infuse won’t accept unless in .nfo

It used to work and if that’s the new normal then Firecore needs to remove their sample xml file from the users guide since it still shows spaces for the cast and crew.

Oh okay. Maybe it was only artwork that James was referring to. Haven’t personally used any extra files.

Overriding cast/crew with external metadata files will be added in an upcoming version. Thanks for your patience.