Direct S3 Support

Currently I do most of my streaming via sftp, to a machine that has S3 mounted with s3fs. It’s clunky and slow (buffers a LOT). I’d love to be able to just access S3 directly.

Given all the available cloud options, I’m a little surprised there isn’t S3 already. You apparently already use S3 for cloud backups (according to my brief search for dupes of this suggestion) so at least some support is already in the codebase. Plus, it’s a pretty common API that would allow people to use a number of storage options outside of Amazon themselves.


Yes! S3 streaming would be fantastic. Generic S3 ideally so that it supports Amazon, B2, Wasabi, etc.


I second this as well. Currently, dropbox has a 3TB personal limit, and Google drive jump drastically in price once you go over 2TB. S3 would allow you to have more than 2-3TB without a significant jump in price that traditional cloud storage providers offer.


I know it’s an old topic, but I really want to voice my support for this feature, since it would make my setup much simpler, especially if it would come with proper Wasabi support.

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Hi, do you already support idrive. com?

The current list of providers include: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloud, Yandex.Disk, and MEGA.

S3-compatible services like IDrive are not supported at this time, but it’s something we may look into for the future.

Does the Infusion PRO version connect to Wasabi (S3)? Currently I can stream via direct URL but it would be much easier to connect to the cloud source

I don’t think it supports that kind of storage, but I would also really like to see it added.

I would love to see support for S3 compatible storage.

I too would like to see support added for S3 backends

Yes, I’m going to be using Wasabi for some other stuff and would love to throw video up there and stream directly to Infuse!

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Hi James. I would love AWS S3 support. Benefits that the usual suspects (Google Drive etc) do not have

  • frictionless infinite and cheap storage
  • ability to archive less used items to even cheaper storage classes
  • creating access tokens for different users (I can share my homevideo lib to family members living abroad)
  • extremely reliable storage

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Surprised to see too few people have this request… It really would be a great feature if S3 compatible buckets could be supported directly within Infuse app. I already smashed the like button!!

Since there’s still no solution here, I decided to use Microsoft Azure Files for direct streaming from cloud via SMB file share.

Azure File share is similar to S3 but at the same time a native SMB file share you can mount to a MacOS or Windows as well. To stream I directly use SMB sharing of Infuse.

Create an SMB Azure file share - Azure Files | Microsoft Learn

Yes, I’d definitely love to see S3 support.

One advise: you should try Yandex Disk. It is cheap and reliable. I’ve just found out that Infuse supports it.

20 bucks for 1 TB one year.

Continuing the support for the S3 direct integration feature request. Please make it happen :pray: Would be so useful. I would use it with much cheaper options like BackBlaze and Storj