Direct http-link to a Picture with Synology DiskStation?

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In an upcoming Infuse-Version it’s possible to override the Cast&Crew Thumbnails with NFO-Files. An http-JPG-Link is simply placed in the NFO-File to provide the Picture :wink: :+1:

I have a Question to other Synology DiskStation Users (I have not much Experience on that Topic):
Is there a way to simply provide an direct http-Link to a Picture, which is locally stored on the Synology NAS?

Some kind of Internet-Share to a JPG-File, but without having to enter a password? :wink:

Hey James :slight_smile:
I have tried it to override an Actor Pic with an local Picture on my Synology.
I use “WebStation” to provide the http-Link.
And if I try to open the local Link in a Browser, I can directly see the jpg File…

But it’s not recognized by Infuse (NFO)…
Could you help me? :wink:

I found now an easy way to use local Pictures (saved on a NAS) to override the Cast&Crew Thumnails :wink: :+1:

On a NAS (in my case a Synology DiskStation) you can do the following steps:

Install WebStation
=> A new “Web”-Share appears

Copy the Pictures in the Main-Directory (or a subfolder) of this Web-Share!

You have to setup a DDNS-Service, described here:

Now you can directly access the pictures with your hostname:
for example:

The direct Picture-Link you can simply copy in your NFO-Files to override the Thumbnails with your local Pictures :wink:

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If you don’t mind, what is the size of your local folder with all the cast and crew images? And how large of a media collection (in movie titles and tv episodes) does that cover?

Is there an easy way to automate the changing of all the links in all the .nfo files?

I ask, because since taking my Infuse offline (no home internet at the moment), I’ve noticed all the cast and crew photos are blank, since I guess they must only be called up on demand.

I have so far only done some Testing with Overriding Pictures, but my final Actors-Pics Library is not ready yet :wink:

But it seems that Infuse first retrieves the Cast&Crew images online at least once, until they are then cached locally on the AppleTV.

That is why we must provide an online http-Link (with the Procedure I wrote above), that Infuse recognize the Pictures and could cache they locally :wink::+1:

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