Direct access to actions on infuse 7

Hi, with the new interface, it’s much harder to reach the delete & edit functions. Is there a way to replace the three dot interface with small “E” and “D” (or just icons) so it would take less clicks to delete or trigger an edit?

Yes same issue with delete totally hidden. In 6 it was easier to use it.
Thanks to find a way to access this with much ease

Hi, I just posted the same question about the extra time it takes to delete. I suggested to the developer if they could possibly add a long press option at the PLAY button that pops up the delete screen. In vers. 6 it was tolerable, but in 7 it just takes too many swipes and clicks to delete. Does anyone know if there is a shortcut to achieve a faster way to delete?

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Another option here (at least for now) would be to long-press on the movie name/icon from the list/grid view.

Yeah, but you typically delete from the movie page after finishing the movie. If you remove the current button and put action icons there it would really make it more useful.

I also saw that after the delete the movie remains in place where it should go back to the main menu.