Digital Signage Recommendations?

Does anyone know of ANY digital signage software that will work on the AppleTV?


There are a ton of web based options, but they use flash or require cookies. Does anyone know of one that works on the Apple TV with Couch surfer?


Not sure I understand the project but couldn’t you just create a folder of images (one per message if I understand) and use the screen saver or picture viewer?

I would go about researching into how these excellent addon-apps are made for AppleTV and see if you can do something similar.

For example: create an interface and special SSH user that uses a client<==>server relationship for digital signage.

I am also looking for something like this. I would like to see something like Xibo which you can find here:

Server is easy, but if I could use ATV as client, it would be awesome. 


Hi we could help you with a small inexpensive set top box that is cloud based. Would you like me to send you more information regarding our product?