Difficulty displaying episode thumbnails

I’m loading a series via ftp. I’ve gotten the video to load properly, and the captions, and the xml metadata. However, I cannot get the episode thumbnails to display. I’m doing all this on an iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.1

This is my filename naming convention:
Ragged-Isle_s01e01.jpg (attached)

Everything displays properly: The folder image, the episode order and titles, the subtitles, everything. But the thumbnails do not display.

If I don’t load a thumbnail at all, then every episode displays an image of the show’s logo. If I do load a thumbnail, such as the one above, it does not display, but instead a random still from the episode (or nothing at all) displays instead.

I have tried turning Embedded Metadata on. I have tried turning Embedded Metadata off. I have tried clearing all Metadata. I have tried turning Metadata Fetching on and off and on again. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The current options for overriding TV show artwork/metadata are a bit limited, but for now you will need to add -fanart to the image name in order to override an episode’s artwork. E.G. Ragged-Isle_s01e01-fanart.jpg

We have a number of improvements in progress for overriding TV show metadata and artwork, and this extra requirement will be removed once these changes are released later this Spring.

Thank you for your reply. That still is not working for me. I ftp’ed the jpgs into the show folder, using the naming convention you suggested (Ragged-Isle_s01e01-fanart.jpg). However, my thumbnails are still not displaying.

Also, I made some changes to my episode descriptions in my xml files (naming convention: Ragged-Isle_s01e01.xml), but those changes are not reflected in the episode descriptions.

Do I need to clear all metadata? How can I get my changes to display?

UPDATE: After I cleared the metadata, the images displayed properly. Thank you for your assistance.

I must have missed your original post, but glad you got it working.

In the future, you will need to refresh the metadata for the changed items in order for Infuse to pick up on the added artwork. This can be done on a global level by using the clear all option (as you discovered) or by using the Edit option for the affected series/seasons to refresh info for those specific files only.