Differentiate movie versions

Not sure how hard of an issue this is since it might be a problem with the data sources Infuse pulls from, but is there an easy/good way to differentiate between versions of a movie? Right now they appear the same for each version. For example I have Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux or Watchmen, Watchmen Directors Cut, and Watchment Ultimate Cut. Both Apocalypse Now show as simply “Apocalypse Now”. For Watchmen the first two pulled the same metadata while the ultimate cut didn’t pull anything. When I edited it, their was only one Watchmen entry to select from. Same thing when I tried to edit Apocalypse Now, there was no Apocalypse Now Redux in the search. Fortunately they show the correct runtime so at least I can make a guess at which one is which. Being able to have the edition’s name would be nice though.

I have/had a similar issue with 3D movies so I made them their own folder. But I can’t currently play those via Infuse anyway. Nonetheless, I would love to see Infuse pull and/or offer multiple cover choices that would apply to the specific movie in question - similar to what can be seen on blu-ray.com.