Different Ways to connect to aTV

Hello, i was wondering what are the different ways to transfer media to my Apple TV, i have 3 External hard drives that over 500gig and formated in NTFS and can’t find a program that will convert back to Fat32, so i know my options are limited. I transfer some throught WinSCP and it works great but my Apple TV is only 40gig and theres only so much media i can store on it. is there a way to watch my media through nito or xbmc and sync like itunes does over a network without using the Apple TV drive or an external drive. Any help would be great, Thanx

You can stream over the network from a computer or NAS device. We have a guide for doing this here:

Also, you can reformat your NTFS drive using the tool here:

I tried to use that program and it only formats like 31 gigs of it and splits my drive in two, is there is something im not doing right? Thanx