Different views for different folders


I have one filder with family GoPro movies, and is there any chance to change view to list view noly in this one folder ?
I want to leave movies, series and kids movies with covers view, but change only this one to list view.

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Please discuss feature here.


This is not a possibility at the moment. It has been frequently requested so with any luck it will appear in a future release.

Really want cover view for movies and list view for TV shows. Just saying …

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That would be nice.



Any news about this ?

Also +1, it is absolutely necessary setting for a lot of usage scenarios.

Should be OK if it is done on a favorite shared folder level, e.g.:
\server\movies - cover/thumbnail view
\server\tv_series - list view

Two and a half years later and still not implemented? I guess that should be a basic feature for an app like Infuse…
Cover view make sense for Movies and TV Shows but list view would make more sense for home videos and DVR recordings (like news, interviews etc…).

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