different view of the sequence of films in Grid and List mode



When I choose list viewing stand my movies in alphabetical order, but when I select Grid view, some of the movies, that start with A, etc, are moved down at the bottom after V. All my movies are displayed but not in alphabetical order.


Regards, Kalle

Hi again

I have now updated to the aTV 1.3 and the same problem.

I have now discovered that the movies there is in the correct order, have their name standing firm, but the movies that comes later as described above, do not have their name mentioned solid under the fanart. It appears that the folders with subfolders, when there are more movies in the folder, the name is standing firm, but the folders where there are only on movie in, the moviename is not standing firm.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Kalle

Same here. Example: between Avatar and Airplane I have Charlie Chaplin, Face Off, 2011 Space Odyssey, etc. They don’t seem to be properly sorted.



This is not fixed i the new wersion 1.4 :frowning:

Is there any change that it will be fixed?

I found the problem. If the folder has the folder.jpg AND another folder inside, it will be sorted BEFORE ALL the folders that have the folder.jpg and a movie inside.

Example: If you have a folder called Rambo with 3 folders inside (Rambo I, Rambo II, Rambo III) this folder will be sorted before a folder called Predator with 3 MOVIES (not folders) inside.

This is not fixed i the new wersion 1.5 :frowning:

Is there any change that it will be fixed?

This was also not fixed i the new wersion 1.6 :frowning:

Is there any change that it will be fixed?

In grid view, folders will appear before all other files. This is done by design to allow for quicker navigation.

If this proves to be a problem for you, the upcoming Library View feature will allow you to avoid this.