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Hi! I have Infuse Pro, ver 6.4.2, on several AppleTV:s. 2 ATV4 and 2 ATV4K.
They are connected to a HDD that is connected to my router with USB3. On 3 of them the movie thumbnails is the same original movie “poster”. But on the fourth there is a different orginal movie poster. For example. On 3 of them there are the orginal posters for all the movies mission:impossible sold separatly and on the fourth there are the posters för them sold in a box. Why?
I hope you understand what I mean.

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First, once Infuse gets a poster from the sources it doesn’t refresh it unless it needs to so chances are that the different one happened to fetch the metadata when the poster was changed at TMDB.

You should update infuse to 6.4.3 since that has some fixes for posters that may help out what you’re seeing.

There have been several issues with movie posters lately but it seems things are getting ironed out. A bit of background here

Also the info for the latest releases

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Thanks for your answer. I will try that out. I didn’t know there was an update. I updated them on this sunday.

This 6.4.3update was just released today. The 6.4.2 release was a fast fix for a crashing problem a few users were having after the 6.4.1 update and that was all that 6.4.2 addressed. :slight_smile:

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It seems to that solution solved the problem. On that ATV that had different thumbnails was the iCloud sync set to off. When I set it to on all thumbnails is the same. The bad thing was that it is the old style of the thumbnails. Not them with the new look, but it doesn’t matter. Thanks for your help to solve this problem.

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