Different stages of the Seas0nPass Jailbreak


I am not technically having any issues and can still do an untethered Jailbreak for the Apple TV 2 with Season0nPass 0.9.6, but it is driving me bonkers as it is taking ages lately.

Only a month ago, I connected many Apple TV 2’s by USB cable opened Season0nPass and off it went, sometimes it failed at the DFU mode because the Windows driver was slow to download and install and the Jailbreak installation had timed out at that stage by then and thus failed. I would connect it again and go through the whole Jailbreak process with no more issues.

For the past 2-3 weeks it now fails at 3 or 4 different stages on all Apple TV 2’s I Jailbreak because the driver from Microsoft takes an age to download/install, I have to start the process all over again 3 or 4 times because of this and eventually finish Jailbreaking it. This is taking around an hour for each Apple TV 2, where as before it would take 15 minutes or so.

Is anyone else experiencing this digital driver issue ?

Can I download them from anywhere so they are stored locally on my laptop and thus don’t have to be retrieved from the Microsoft servers each and every time ?

Something is definitely amiss, I have tried different USB cables and still get the same result, I am on Virgin broadband with 75MB bandwidth, so it surely cannot be a speed issue. Connecting my laptop by Ethernet might help ?

Any help and I will be eternally grateful.