Different sorting options for movie's

I would love to be able to sort movie’s and serie separate.

Serie’s on name is fine, but i would love to sort movie’s on length or release date in list and grit view.

It would make it a lot easier to find stuff if you have a great number of movie’s.



I would like to see movies in grid and tv shows on a list.

Thanks for having sort by date and by name.   But - please please please add sort by 'Release Date" it makes soo much sense because you went to all that trouble to pull metadata.


That would make me happy.  If you want to go further - sort or group or smart playlist by mppa rating and genre.  I recently painfully sorted my files into folders by mppa rating because I like your app better than xbmc, but you didn’t have smart playlist sorting by movie rating.  I have young kids so this is my main use.

PS - I still use XBMC for icefilms plugin and when I want to pull subtitles from the internet, otherwise, your gui is nicer.

Kudos and keep up the great work!!

+1 here!


I would love to be able to sort movies by user rating or by release date in addition to movie name and date.

Also: A search function esp. for an actor’s name would be very helpful.