Different price for Infuse pro 5?


I have purchased Infuse pro 4 years ago (but seldom use, lol), now I planning to buy an Apple TV 4k so I would like to upgrade my Infuse pro 4 to Infuse pro 5.
From the topic “Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing (Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing)”, there is an Infuse pro 4 v4.3.7 in my iphone and I download Infuse 5 from APP store. However, there are so many price confused me:

  1. Infuse pro 5 in APP store =>NT.450, about 15 USD (NT for New Taiwan dollar, 1 US dollar about 30 NT)
  2. Infuse 5 in-app purchase page, “life cycle” => NT.890, about 29.6 USD
  3. Infuse 5 in-app purchase page, “month plan”=> NT30, about 1 USD
  4. Infuse 5 in-app purchase page, “year plan”=> NT310, about 10.3 USD
  5. Infuse 5 in-app purchase page, “life cycle” => NT.1350, about 45 USD

What’s the difference between all above price?

BTW, I would also like to know what’s the main difference between version 4 and version 5.
Do I really need to upgrade to version 5 if I want to play 4k video on Apple TV 4k?


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All of the In-App Purchase options will provide you with the same Pro features - the only difference being the monthly/yearly options are subscriptions, and the lifetime option is a one-time fee.

If you are upgrading from v4, you can purchase the lifetime option at a discount, and that the extra option you are seeing in the app.

Infuse 5 includes support for 4K videos on the Apple TV 4K, while most 4K videos would not be playable in Infuse 4. A complete list of all the changes that have gone into Infuse 5 can be found here.

Wait Infuse Pro now has a lifetime option ?

Yup, has since about day one for V5. If you get the Infuse 5 (not the pro on the app store but the one with in app purchases) you can subscribe for monthly, yearly, or lifetime. Also if you paid for V4 then you can get a discount on the lifetime by following the instructions in the above linked post.

One small question is the lifetime option for future v6, v7, etc ?

Yes, the lifetime covers all future versions of Infuse. :slight_smile:

See the first paragraph here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Thank you.

so there is an option to purchase it for $15 and an option to purchase it for $45, and both of them are the same?

The lifetime license (available through the free Infuse 5 app) is a one-time purchase that will cover all future updates (even major releases like v6, v7, etc…). Updates are also included in the monthly and yearly subscription options.

The standalone Infuse Pro 5 app is also a one-time purchase, and will include updates for v5 only.

That’s not true. Lifetime subscriptions arrived over a year after the release of v5. Which is rather annoying for early adopters who took the yearly option. I’m now in year 3 of my payments and would much rather of had the option of a discounted lifetime subscription back at the start.