Different locale for specific tv show

I was wondering if it’s possible to set a different metadata language “e.g. spanish” for one specific tv show without changing all other shows metadata to spanish ?

It helps with foreign shows that doesn’t have English information about them on TMDB

Thank you

You may want to add your support to this suggestion thread that addresses this issue. :+1:

Also note that thread is tagged as “planned” so it may not be far off from happening.

Was this first suggested in 2017 !!??

What does it matter when started? It’s on the planned list now.

I’m glad it’s planned, I didn’t notice that.

But yea it does matter, if it was first suggested 5 years ago and still hasn’t been implemented then I highly doubt my support would make a difference. Don’t you think ?

Sometimes you can’t just change things due to the software APIs and their development restrictions for the operating systems so when the development APIs change then they may be able to revisit making requested changes so yes, adding support does matter.

If a suggestion doesn’t have much or any support then there’s no incentive to allot the time to make the changes when the new development tools become available.