Different Language Metadata

I figured out how to get most of my tv shows to show up how i want it but I’m having trouble with the language setting. If i use auto for metadata, my korean dramas all show up with the english name when i want it as the korean name. When i use the korean metadata setting the names of my american movies change names to korean which i don’t want it to. What can i do to fix this?


You can add your support to this currently running suggestion for that feature to be added.

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I am pretty much hopeless on this metadata mess, reported, also suggested few years ago, never brought infuse team attention.

I suggested to add metadata option for folder or favourite so I can always have Korea movie favourite/folder using Korean metadata, have Chinese movie favourite/folder using Chinese metadata, have English movie favourite/folder using English regardless of global metadata language setting.

So essentially the ask is just to have metadata match the original language?

No, for example I don’t want a Spanish movie to auto have Spanish metadata if I don’t know Spanish, I will have it in English or other languages that I know.