Different episode of TV series plays, not the one chosen

I’m part way through watching Seinfeld. Currently half way through series 4.

We watch one out two episodes per night. We might watch other content on the Apple TV, Netflix or BBC iPlayer, and then we put it to sleep.

The next exit we wake it up and do the same. Infuse is in the same state we left it in so I just move the highlight to the next episode on the row and press to start playback. Episode information is correct.

However, the episode before the one I’ve selected is played. That is, the one I watched previously.

I have to force quit Infuse, restart it, navigate to the episode and press play in order to play the correct episode. This is infuriating.

Any ideas?

I don’t think you have to force quit, i think you just need to take a step back to the tv show view (where all the seasons of the show are listed), go back to the season view (with episodes listed), select the next episode… and play.

Still not ideal, but it may reduce the number of clicks & scroll needed.

I thought I’d tried that, but I can’t be sure. Will try next time.