Different ECID every time?

Hi guys,


I bought the atv2 two weeks ago and had problems with it ever since.

First I used Seas0nPass to jailbreak it and it went ok, except iTunes got stuck at the end on verifying the firmware.

from there on, it keeps on rebooting sporadically, about every two minutes, with no apparent pattern to it.

I tried restoring it to factory setting with no luck, also no seas0npass restore. I keep getting error messages - every time a different number.

Now that the new firmware came out, i thought maybe it will fix the problems (which i assumed had nothing to do with seas0npass), but now i’m stuck in dfu mode.


So I downloaded tinyUmbrella and tried that as well - but i think something is wrong with it…

here is a screenshot. is that normal?



It is completely normal to see a different recovery device id every time with the Apple TV. The ECID is static and only able to be captured while in recovery or dfu mode.