Different covers in two sections, for the same TV show

I have a TV show on my PC (SMB share).
In the TV shows section of infuse, the correct cover is diplayed. In the Files section, the portuguese one is picked up. My settings are all set to “auto” (then : french).
How come the same TV show appears with two different covers?

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My guess is the poster got updated at TMDB between the time you refreshed the metadata for one of the locations. Try doing an edit metadata on the wrong one and then select the correct series again that should force an update.

There are not two locations but only one : my PC share. When adding the share (or adding the files to the PC share), the metadata are fetched once for the series (this is my undestanding).
I tried updating the metadata from within “TV shows” and “Files” section : same result.

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Sorry only one screenshot has uploaded. There is the second:

Based on the “Saison”, maybe one is the series poster and the other is the season poster?

It looks like this is a season poster from TMDB.

If you want to override season posters, you can do so by following this guide.

It looked like both were series posters, one in English and the other in Portuguese.

Right, both are from TMDB, but different languages.

Reading the guide explaining how to override metadata, I found how to fix it. I don’t know why, but the folder structure has an influence on what artwork is chosen in “TV shows” and “Files” favorites.

As this show has only one season, my folder structure was:
by changing the structure with the following, the same poster is collected by Infuse
show_name*season 1*\show.name.S01E01xxxx.mkv

Sorry for the question, I’m a newbee with Infuse :slight_smile:

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Sorry, my former message doesn’t render properly.
I had to create a “season 1” folder and move files in it.

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Well, the problem is not really solved, only moved. When accessing the “Files” favorite, the right poster is now displayed. But when I click on the show (and reach season 1), then the portuguese version appears.
Indeed munpip214 it may be a matter of “show poster” vs “season poster”.

If you look at the link to the page on TMDB I posted above you’ll see where both posters are entered for BOTH series and season. That seems to be part the problem.

Not quite sure why the Portuguese poster is even being used since it appears to not fall into the required size parameters.

Just a reminder that TMDB’s database is user created. If you see issues with artwork or content, go ahead and fix it! You’ll make things better for yourself, but also anyone else who might also be a fan of the show. I upload all the covers I make myself (when I find the ones already on offer aesthetically lacking; or the ones that I create to a common 4K template for all such series and movies in my collection), and when I find episodes lacking thumbnail images (for newly released documentaries, mostly), I’ll do a quick image search online or grab some attractive 4K frame grabs from my copies of the episodes and upload those. I’ve gotten pretty efficient at the process so it doesn’t take all that long; plus knowing everything I create is “backed up” essentially forever at TMDB (at no cost to me) is a nice bonus.

  • If covers are showing up in a language other than your Infuse is set to, you can also fix that. Anyone with a membership can correct any details on the page (and assuming you do that correctly (by their book), it won’t be reversed by their very hands-on mods. Each cover and work of fanart can be tagged as “no language” (the default, intended for images without text), or any of a large selection of regional languages. If a language has multiple possible covers, TMDB serves the one with the most upvotes. So you can either upvote images you like, or download them and keep them with your local files so Infuse will use your choice instead of TMDB’s community’s choice.

Thanks for the reminder “everyone can contribute to TMDB” as I’m used to customize music album art covers or restore old ones, but I’m the only one to enjoy these so far :slight_smile:.
But I don’t see any TMDB issue here, the portuguese version of the poster is tagged “Portuguese”. The issue is that Infuse picks up (or TMDB serves, that may be the issue) the portuguese season poster (but an english series poster), while there are 7 season posters in other languages, includind 4 in english.
With the trick given by james (placing the right poster in the right folder), it’s ok.

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And you are using Infuse in English? Or Portuguese?
Either way, it does seem odd TMDB wouldn’t serve both in the same language (whichever one Infuse defaults to requesting).

But, yup, the best workaround is to always download the posters you like most and use them instead; that way if a new poster becomes the highest voted and bumps your preferred cover from the top spot, it won’t change when you refresh Metadata and perhaps make it harder for you to recognize your own files if you’ve grown use to a specific poster art. .

If I used Infuse in portuguese or had my default language set to portuguese on my devices, that would make sense to pick up portuguese posters. But my Infuse is set to french, my devices are set to french, I live in France and speak french (don’t forget computers listen to you nowadays :smile:).
So that’ll remain a mystery, and anyway I’m the type who prefers to rely on local resources that online ones when possible (I remember the story of Apple books definitively deleted by Apple, with no possibility to download them again). I love my data (and have a solid backup stragegy), but that’s another story :slight_smile:

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