Different access times: Shared folder vs Library

So, last week during troubleshooting of another issue, I came upon a strange finding.

Accessing my movies through the shared folder itself, results in a few seconds delay (white circle spinning), say approximately 10 seconds. Accessing the same content through the library though is instantaneous!

Granted, it’s a rather large catalogue of files (more than 3000 movies) and I’m not really complaining, I just want to understand why library access is faster than shared folder access.

If it makes any difference, the clients are all ATV 4K, the files are located on a NAS with Ethernet throughout and the protocol is NFS.

The library is essentially a cache of all the files on your shared folder saved in memory on your device. So when you open the library it doesn’t have to go out and load anything from the shares. Accessing it outside of the library requires it to go to the shared folder, request list of files, and then build and load them into infuse, fresh, each time you navigate there.


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