Differences in playback v4 v6

Hi everybody
I bought the 4 pro version years ago, and i am waiting for the variable speed playback, but my query is about the playback in older phones/ipads.
Is it better the v6 than v4 in iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6s in playback movies? Downloading movies by wifi? Speed?

I mean… works better the v6 than v4 in general in old ipads o iPhone?

My girlfriend has an iPad mini 2 and it works well on there. It should work well provided you’re running the latest supported iOS.

Infuse 6 is pretty different app when compared to Infuse 4, as it includes many, many playback related changes (including support for things like HDR video and lossless audio). It also has an updated design on iOS which was introduced in late 2017.

Infuse 6 should perform better on all devices, even older ones (as long as they are running iOS 9 or later).

Thanks JarvisMeier and James
… is the variable playback speed on route for the next… ¿two months?

I doubt if it will be in the next two months but you can see the new features planned for upcoming releases here.

Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

You can also see the past releases with features added and time frames here.

Ok… I hope it Will be in this versión in the next months… i want to buy it with this option… if I buy it in this version now and then have it in the v7, bad idea…

If you purchase a lifetime subscription you will get all future updates to Infuse at no additional cost. That includes version 7, and 8, and on. That way you’ll have all the new features as soon as their available at no additional cost.

This way you can start enjoying all the new features since version 4 while you wait too!

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